The Meditation Garden


“...a planting of hundreds of daffodils that will burst forth each spring...”


As a final gift to the neighborhood in which Rebecca Abbott  grew up and then spent her last years, her friends and family are donating a meditation/healing garden that will be installed near the the intersection of Dodge and Happy Hollow, in the southeast portion of Memorial Park.  In the image to the right, the yellow arrow indicates the approximate placement of the garden.  See pictures of the site here.

The garden will be modeled after a traditional Japanese garden meditation space.  See the image below for an example of such a space installed in the Vancouver Botanic Gardens.  The centerpiece will be a single large piece (between 4’ to 5’ tall) of natural granite, unadorned by man, and created solely by nature.  Natural moss and lichen will grow on its surface.

The stone will be contemplated from a single granite bench that will be nestled into existing conifers, positioned so that the view is of the stone and the park woods beyond.  Thus, it will be a place where people can step away from the rest of the world, to think, to rest, and to heal.

“...a place to think, to rest, and to heal...”

In addition to the stone and the bench, the garden will include a planting of hundreds of daffodils that will burst forth each spring from under an appropriate ground cover that will dress the area the remainder of the year. A gravel pathway will connect the garden with the walking/biking path that now traverses the eastern boundary of Memorial Park.

The image below is of a stone resting in the quarry from which this garden’s centerpiece will be selected.  The stone will be as much like this one (or the one in Vancouver) as it is possible to locate.

You can help this dream come true and at the same time obtain a beautiful botanical image from Rebecca Abbott’s remaining personal collection. 

The artwork has been donated by the family for the purpose of helping fund this project, and may be purchased at Rebecca’s last show (at Lauritzen Gardens April 1-15), or by contacting James Abbott for a private showing of her work at her home at 5102 California Street.  All proceeds from the sale of this art will go to support this project. 

If you cannot attend the show, please call James at 402-559-0285 to arrange a time to visit the Abbott home in Dundee.